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AVG Antivirus free is real-time antivirus software that is free for personal use. This real time anti-virus software has been around for well over 10 years and has a loyal following. Most people that have changed over to AVG’s products have never gone back to the more expensive alternatives.
Features included in this software are a real-time scanner for scanning files as they are transferred to you computer either from the Internet, any storage media.
Also AVG features a link scanner, so if you’re in a search engine, and you get a result; AVG Link scanner will place a handy icon displaying if the site is safe to go to or not. Email protection is built in as well, so as you check your email in Firebird or other email software, AVG is working in the background to protect you.
There are heaps more features, so what are you waiting for? Install AVG Anti-Virus today!

AVG AntiVirus 2015


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