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Have you ever forgotten your password? With so many different passwords for so many different functions on the Internet, it has become a chore to try to remember all those passwords. With Keepass you can store all your usernames and password in the one spot using high level AES military encryption. After installing the Keepass software all you have to do is enter all your username's passwords and sites into Keypass and protect them with one password. You can also put comments into your entries to explain how to login to a particular site.
You can create groups for different password categories like, for example, banking or msn messenger. People in the past have stored their password in spreadsheets... this is a really bad idea for many reasons.
To login to a site using one of your saved passwords is easy, and double clicking a password will place a password in the clipboard so you can paste and log in. This is one piece of software that has become an absolute must.
Have a look at the screenshots to see the great options this software has.