Avast Free Antivirus 2015
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Avast! Free Anti-virus… Software that grabs your personal information tracks much of everything you do and sends to Avast’s databases.

Avast! Pre-installation warning... ok this is a worry.. are they just being honest?
TinyWall Firewall Logo
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TinyWall is a very small firewall for Windows that unlike Zonealarm doesn’t bother you trying to pay for an upgrade. This firewall is free and is only 1 MB in size, and has way more options than Zonealarm ever has had.

TinyWall Taskbar Interface
TOR browser, protect your right to privacy
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TOR is a version of Firefox that doesn’t record your information. It lets you browse the Internet without third parties like governments and major corporations spying on you. This software works fast and it’s free and best of all protects you from the evil that is plaguing the Internet.

TOR Installation and confirmation of successful connection.
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WonderWebWare Sitemap Generator is one of the only stemap generators that works on Windows 7 this software is free to use there are some save features that you can unlock if you have made a donation to the author.

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Firefox is a free Internet browser that came out in 2003 from the Mozilla foundation. This browser has become very popular in Europe in the last decade due to the extensive language options, and the fact that the browser is an open source.

Google Chrome Logo
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Google Chrome is still a more recent Internet Browser to hit the scene but has a vast following. Chrome loads webpage’s much faster than Internet Explorer and other browsers. Google Chrome has a number of features like HTML5 compatibility helping push forward newer browser technologies.

Google Chrome's so called Incognito mode
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VLC player is a piece of software that is an absolute essential for all your video and Audio playing needs, it also has some functions for capturing streaming video as well. One of the thing that VLC has been known for is being able to handle video formats that other player simply can’t open.

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If you’re a coder in php or other popular programming languages, then text pad is a must, this software will highlight the code for you and can also link up with you compiler in the case of a c++ compiler like Mingw so you can run your code after making changes.

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µTorrent is a great piece of software to download and share files. The setup file, and the actual software is under a Megabyte and still has heaps of features.

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Have you ever forgotten your password? With so many different passwords for so many different functions on the Internet, it has become a chore to try to remember all those passwords.